M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Analysis)


M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Analysis) course is a specialized postgraduate program designed for students who have completed their undergraduate degree in the pharmaceutical field or a related discipline. This program focuses on the comprehensive study of pharmaceutical analysis, which involves the identification, quantification, and quality assessment of drugs and pharmaceutical products.

During the M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Analysis) course, students gain in-depth knowledge and skills in various analytical techniques, instrumental methods, and quality assurance practices used in the pharmaceutical industry. They learn about advanced analytical instruments, such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), spectroscopy, and mass spectrometry, which are essential for drug analysis and quality control.

The duration of the M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Analysis) course typically spans two years, consisting of four semesters. Each semester includes theoretical coursework, practical laboratory sessions, and research work. Students are also required to undertake a dissertation or thesis project, where they conduct independent research in a specific area of pharmaceutical analysis under the guidance of faculty members.

The curriculum of the M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Analysis) course covers subjects such as advanced pharmaceutical analysis, separation techniques, method validation, quality control and assurance, regulatory affairs, bioanalytical techniques, and forensic analysis. Students learn about data interpretation, analytical method development, and validation techniques for assessing the quality, purity, and potency of drugs and pharmaceutical formulations.

Upon completion of the M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Analysis) course, graduates are equipped with the necessary skills to work in analytical laboratories of the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory agencies, research organizations, and academia. They can pursue career opportunities as analytical scientists, quality control analysts, research associates, regulatory affairs executives, or academic researchers specializing in pharmaceutical analysis.

The M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Analysis) course prepares students for the challenges and advancements in the field of pharmaceutical analysis, contributing to the development of safe and effective drugs and ensuring the quality and integrity of pharmaceutical products.

Courses Highlights 

Level Post Graduate
Course Duration & Exam 2 years / Semester Wise Exam
Eligibility The M.Pharm course eligibility is passing the B.Pharm degree with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized institute.

List of Core Courses

  • Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques
  • Drug Delivery System
  • Modern Pharmaceutics
  • Regulatory Affair
  • Molecular Pharmaceutics (Nano Tech and Targeted DDS)
  • Advanced Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics
  • Cosmetic and Cosmeceuticals.
  • Computer Aided Drug Delivery System.
  • Banking Theory
  • Principles of Auditing
  • Corporate Accountings
  • E-Commerce Technology
  • Software Development in Visual Basic
  • Internet and Web Designing
  • Management Information System
  • Internet and web designing

Career Opportunity

S.No. Career Opportunities
1. Analytical Scientist
2. Quality Control Analyst
3. Research Associate
4. Regulatory Affairs Executive
5. Formulation Development Scientist
6. Analytical Method Development Specialist
7. Quality Assurance Officer
8. Validation Specialist
9. Bioanalytical Scientist
10. Forensic Analyst
11. Academic Researcher
12. Pharmaceutical Industry Consultant
13. Product Manager
14. Drug Inspector
15. Research and Development Scientist
16. Technical Trainer
17. Laboratory Manager
18. Clinical Research Associate
19. Pharmacovigilance Specialist
20. Quality Control Manager

M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Analysis)